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This comm seems dead, but I'll post anyway. XD

I'd like to claim NEWS ^^
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I would like to claim:
Ayumi Hamasaki / 浜崎 あゆみ
Mika Nakashima / 中島 美嘉
Ai Otsuka / 大塚 愛

thank you~
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I would like to claim;
  1. Hollywood Undead
  2. Egypt Central
  3. Jonas Brothers
  4. All that Remains
  5. Sam Sparro
Thank you. :]
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I wish to claim

1) The Police
2) The Monkee

I look forward tothe update

I see a past post has the Beatles So I won't try for them.
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is this comm still active? ):

if so, I would like to claim:

Thom Yorke.
PJ Harvey.
Vampire Weekend.       &&&&
The Red Paintings.

thanks! ♥
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I would like to claim:

1. The Killers
2. The Presets
3. Bat For Lashes
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I'd like to claim the following:
1. The Cab
2. Miyavi
3. Outkast
4. The Dresden Dolls
5. Play For Keeps
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I claim:

- Iwrestledabearonce
- Anthony Green
- The Matches
- Charlotte Sometimes
- A Day to Remember
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I claim!~

1.Tori Amos
3.Darren Hayes
4.Emilie Autumn

Thank you very much in advance everyone, and Happy Mother's Day. :)
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I claim:

1) David Bowie
2) Pink Floyd
3) Metric
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I claim:

1. The Beatles
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Creedence Clearwater Revival
4. Metallica
5. The Jimi Hendrix Experience
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I would like to claim these bands:
1. 30 Seconds to Mars
2. The All-American Rejects
3. Metric
4. The Veronicas
5. Automatic Loveletter
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1. Matt Skiba
2. Amanda Palmer
3. Billy Talent
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I would like to claim:

1. A Perfect Circle
2. Puscifer
3. 311
4. Incubus
5. The Mars Volta

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I would like to claim:

1) Björk
2) Junior Senior
3) R.E.M.
4) Yoeko Kurahashi
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I would like to claim

1) The Lonely Island
2) Halifax

Please :D
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I would like to claim:
1) Cash Cash
2) Story of the year

And I'm just wondering if I can also claim asian bands 8|?

3) 2pm
4) Big Bang
5) 2am.

Sorry for the hassle D:
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I would like to claim these bands ~
1. The Maine
2. Mayday Parade
3. Cute is What We Aim For
4. Hit The Lights
5. Forever the sickest Kids.
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I would like to claim:

- In Flames
- Strapping Young Lad
- The Haunted
- Stam1na
- Rotting Christ


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